Our wedding packages include the following:

• One Hello Super 8 cinematographer covering your event  (+assistant if necessary)
• A professionally edited movie to the songs of your choice
• A one-song highlights edit, featured on a personal web page
• Personalized packaging & DVD menus
• One gift box (includes DVD, film reel and some sweet surprises) 
• Original super 8 film reel in archival box (raw footage on film)
* Package prices start at $4000

Our office is based in Brooklyn, New York, the hometown is Los Angeles, CA and we are finding ourselves in Europe more and more these days. So please check in to see if we will be near you in the near to distant future. 

For more info, simply fill out the form on the contact page and we will send you our packages and price list. We love meeting our potential clients to find out more about your celebration and share more about our work. So please say hello to schedule a meeting over coffee in the NYC area or we can set-up a phone/face time/skype chat for anywhere else in the world.