Megan Hill
Owner, cinematographer (digital & super 8), editor—covering East Coast, West Coast, France & beyond

A self-proclaimed film & music junkie, Megan learned all about movie-making (back when there was still cutting and splicing!!) at Emerson College in Boston. After many years of working in the entertainment industry in LA to running her own graphic design studio in NY, Megan's love of retro filmmaking took over. In 2007 she captured her very first wedding on super 8 and had that famous "ah ha" moment. You know, when you finally find what you are supposed to do? Pretty cool feeling. That's when she started Hello Super 8—focussing her business on capturing amazing weddings for awesome couples on real film. Now called Hello Super Studios, the company has expanded to incorporate digital video for a wide variety of cool projects. And really, no matter what the medium Megan is dedicated to keeping it old school for modern times. 

Tatiana McCabe
Founding member, cinematographer (digital & super 8), editor—covering East Coast

Tatiana received a BA in Film at Emerson College in 2006 and an MFA in Computer Art with a focus in Motion Graphics from the School of Visual Arts in 2012. Having grown up overseas (Venezuela, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Hong Kong), Tatiana developed a passion for documentary photography and filmmaking at a young age. She has worked for Frontline of PBS, multiple award winning feature documentary films (Intimidad, Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind, Give Up Tomorrow) and has directed several music videos for Daptone Records, Physical Music Productions and JDub Records.
Since living in New York City, Tatianaʼs photography has been featured in the New York Times, Village Voice and Time Out Magazine. Her film work has been accepted to several festivals and competitions around the world such as an HBOʼs Flight of the Conchords video contest in 2009, the Tricky Women Animation Film Festival 2010 in Vienna and the Straight8 Film Festival 2011 in London.

Riley Ziesig
Cinematographer (digital & super 8)—covering East Coast

After winning a junky 35mm point in shoot in a grade school raffle, Riley quickly became an amateur photographer extraordinaire. Suddenly, no lamppost was mundane, no puddle uninteresting, no cloud or flower too cliche. And after countless rolls of tacky subject matter, wrong exposures, and poor focus, Riley finally grew up and so did his work... thank god. Upon enrolling in the Emerson College film program, Super 8 quickly became the format of choice. Now with several years of shooting and editing experience under his belt, including everything from documentaries and music videos to narratives and wedding films, Riley continues his long lived passion of working with film. 

Sharon Ruedeman

Cinematographer (digital & super 8), editor—covering East Coast

From a young age Sharon was interested in photography, video and art, so becoming a professional video editor and producer was a natural path for her. She started her career back in 2006 at the WWE where she learned “the ropes” of video production and post; since then she has worked with many well-known companies (including The Knot) and has also been a featured producer in the nytimes.comSharon has a BA in Mass Media, Broadcasting and Telecommunications from Temple University and also studied British Mass Media, Theater and Film at FIE in London. Sharon loves helping others tell their stories through video and film, be it corporate, live shows, events, weddings or behind-the-scenes and using film & video is one of her favorite ways of doing so.

Stephanie Andreou
Cinematographer (digital), editor—covering East Coast

Stephanie is a videographer and editor who has limboed between England and Cyprus for most of her life. Even though thousands of miles apart, they share many intersecting cultural and political interests and which in turn have shaped the world around her. She received a BA in Fine Art from the School of Art in Birmingham, England before moving to New York to receive an MFA in Computer Art with a concentration in video from the School of Visual Arts. Her initial creative focus was sculpture, however as her practice evolved she began incorporating video, sound and installation. She has exhibited and screened her work in England, Cyprus and New York and has received multiple awards. Stephanie has worked with digital art pioneer Lillian Schwartz, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, Hornet Inc and Emmy nominated Art in the Twenty First Century, Art21.